Claims Management & Dispute Resolution

Queensborough provide a comprehensive and proactive approach to claims avoidance and management and have highly experienced practitioners in the following fields:

Claim Avoidance strategies

Producing and implementing claim avoidance strategies.

Claims Defence

During the construction phase it is important to ensure compliance with contractual requirements and that proper records are kept. It is also important at the outset of a major project that proper processes are put in place to deal with claims as and when they arise.

Claims Analysis

In order for a claim to succeed it must have contractual basis, supported by factual and accurate records.

Claims Negotiation

Most claims can be resolved by successful negotiation without the need for formal dispute resolution procedures.

Litigation or Arbitration

Should litigation be unavoidable claims analysis and technical support is provided to legal counsel.

Delay & Disruption Analysis

Many claims revolve around extensions to contract periods and/or delays in completion. Forensic planning techniques are used to show how events have impacted upon the projected programme of works, in order to allocate responsibility for the delay. The effect on productivity must also be analysed and understood.


Adjudication in the construction industry offers a quicker and more cost-effective approach to resolving disputes than litigation or arbitration. An Adjudicator’s decision is binding and usually upheld by the courts.

Expert Witness Testimony

Experts are available with a thorough understanding of the most complex construction issues and an appropriate expert with the experience and expertise will be provided to support the client’s position.

Forensic Accounting

Cost data is often extremely complex which can lead to costs being incorrectly billed to a project.